My paintings have been exhibited in many fine art galleries on the East Coast and in the Caribbean. They are also presented at several local New England Shows during the year.My studio and gallery will be featured on the Vermont Crafts Council Open Studio Weekend at the end of May.

Born in England, I moved to Massachusetts in 1963 and then went back to England to finish my education in 1970. As one might expect, I excelled in art and art history. Next I spent three years studying business at a technical college. At the same time I worked in the estates office of a local company. In 1979 I moved to Paris, France where eventually I took a position with IBM Europe in their information center, eventually being promoted to data base and graphic analyst. While in Paris I took up my artwork again, inspired by the impressionists. Many weekend afternoons were spent in the galleries in Paris. What a joy having such treasures on my doorstep.

I have traveled throughout the world. My favorite spots include Florence, Italy, The Caribbean and Sanibel, Florida although the most exciting destinations were Australia and Hawaii. In 1986 I left Paris behind and fell in love with Vermont and my husband. Now I make time for the things I love to do! One of them is creating watercolors of the places and things I loves. In 2002 I opened my studio and gallery in our home.

I love to garden, reconnect children with nature, exercise, travel and the best of all my husband, Don Jones, our chocolate labrador and our families.


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